Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Why to consider Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad to Treat Spinal Disease?

Affordable Cost: At Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad, you may get 60-85% savings on Spine surgical / medical procedures than prevailing Other Cities rates. Even we are answerable to renegotiate with the hospitals / doctors to make available the quotes matching to the domestic rates.

Spine surgeries were traditionally open surgeries, ie. a long incision would be made in order for the doctor to access the entire anatomy. This is very good for the spine as it would mean less damage to the muscles around the spine. It is also believed to be faster, safer and requires less recovery time.

The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon is also known as the less invasive spine Surgeon, here doctors uses specialized instruments to access the spine through small incision. It also helps the surgeon to see only where the problem exists in the spine.

Spine team is comprised of leaders in spinal Surgeon and this offers comprehensive management of spinal problems. We aim to provide evidence based, latest mode of treatment offered internationally, at patient's doorstep. Our motto is to provide patients with comprehensive, multi-disciplinary spine care that is based on a culture of compassion and accessibility.

Case 1: fixation & Anterior fusion & bone grafting with cage insertion.

A female patient, aged 55 years had been diagnosed to have Degenerative Spondylolysis with SpondylolisthesisL4-L5 with disc prolapse and neurological painful claudication She was treated operatively with Posterior fixation & Anterior fusion & bone grafting with cage insertion.

Pre-Operative Ap View

Pre-Operative Lateral View

Post-Operative Ap View

Post-Operative Lateral View

Pre-Operative MRI

Spondylolisthesis with Lysis

Bragush Bhai

Post-op Ap



Daniben Waghela

Post-op Lateral




Post-op AP view

Post-op X-ray Lateral

Pre-op Lateral

Pre-op MRI

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