Hip Joint Replacement in Ahmedabad

The Hip Joint, as scientifically referred an acetabulofemoral joint, is the joint between femur and acetabulum of the pelvis. Its primary function is to support the body weight in both static and dynamic postures as walking or running. The hip joints play a very important role in retaining balance and maintaining the pelvic inclination angle.

Problems in Hip Joint Replacement

At Dr. Mehul Desai Hospital, when we see a patient who is suffering from hip or nearby area pain, we start with the observation after that medicines, exercise or pain therapies, according to the patient requirement are prescribed. In extreme cases of arthritis, extreme pain which interrupts daily activities, hip fracture, we give the advice of Hip replacement surgery. Patients who have tried earlier medications and pain to relieve therapies and still suffering from pain also can be suggested for hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement surgeries in Ahmedabad

Hip replacement surgeries are mainly of two types as full or hemi (half), which types of surgery, would take place it definitely depends on the damage and movement in the hip. Hip replacement is advised majorly in the cases of severe arthritis pain or fracture.

Hip Care Before Surgery

After trying all the necessary steps as medication, pain therapies or others if the patient does not feel relieved then only we prescribe the hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Mehul Desai is one of the best spine and Orthopedic doctor and surgeon in Ahmedabad, who gives best treatment to his patients which is based on fifteen years of experience of rare surgeries of the spine, joints, and trauma.

Case 1 - Hip Hemiarthroplasty

A female patient, aged 72 years. She had been diagnosed to have a Closed fracture of neck Fracture. She was treated operatively with Hip Hemiarthroplasty.



Immediate Post-Operative


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